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Lions & Tigers & Feelings, Oh My!

  Do you ever sign in to Facebook in the morning, and almost immediately fight the urge to put your fist through the screen when it autogenerates random memories for you? No? Oh. Ummm... okay, me neither.  Here you go, Crista... One year ago today you were being dumped by the last man you loved while the two of you were vacationing on the lake.  Thanks, Facebook.  Thanks for showing me that. And for showing me memories of dating fiascos for the entire year before that. And just think, as every day passes from here on out, Facebook will help me relive all the dating debacles since then, too! Yippee! Aye yi yi. But those complaints, those memories or those men, are not the meat and potatoes of this blog. They're kind of an appetizer for the main course, though.  So, what's the primary dish for tonight's ravings? Feelings. I know, not very palatable. A short while ago, I wrote a blog about what I like to call the "feel/flee syndrome." Which is just a  phrase I coined

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