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Children of the Corn (an inspiration for playwrighting)

I happened to come upon this fairly interesting (and also entertaining) conversation recently…It was a perfect example of how some children never grow up, never take responsibility for their actions, and are never held accountable. Not even when moms of the nice children of the world waste their time trying to educate them. And how terribly poisonous those children can be when confronted. Since I’m taking creative writing this semester, I thought it would be fun to try a little playwriting/screenwriting with it 😊I even came up with a hilarious (yet very relevant) title! 
Children of the Corn
In order of appearance

DracoThe ex-boyfriend of Hermione
BellatrixHermione’s “friend”
MinervaHermione’s mother
Hermione          A very nice young lady (not a participant, but referenced in the conversation)
HarryHermione’s brother (not a participant, but referenced in the conversation)

This author recognizes the multiple grammatical errors in all comments (and in the meme in setting),…

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