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Mid-life Dating and the Feel/Flee Phenomenon

 I often wonder why I pay 38.99 for three months of browsing profiles that don’t match mine. Deleting messages without even reading them. Rolling my eyes at the computer screen. Thinking things like “Jeezus Christ! … Oh dear lord … Seriously?? … What the actual f&%k?” … 38.99 for continuously swiping left. Still has four kids at home… swipe left Writes two lines on their profile… Swipe left Drinks often/moderately… swipe left “Looking for something casual” … swipe left Doesn't like dogs and/or cats… swipe left 420 lifestyle… swipe left Multiple spelling/grammatical issues… swipe left “Separated” … swipe left Works out 6 days a week… swipe left If I continued, we’d be here all day. So why do I do it, you ask? Well, because… mid-life dating. That’s why. Dating at this age is so much harder than I remember it being. Not only are all those aforementioned things (and many more things) challenging, but there’s more to it, something more prominent, more poignant, mo

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