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Pandemic Mental Health; The Silent Crisis

  BANGOR, ME — December 15, 2020 Crista Grace It seems that everything I read/hear/watch lately, no matter where or who it comes from, has something to do with COVID (well, other than the election conspiracy theories, but that’s an entirely different article). I suppose that’s understandable, given the gravity of things. And what I’ve found through this narrative is that, overwhelmingly, the COVID ideology is: Stay home. In addition to that, is the requirement to judge, criticize, and/or criminalize everyone, including your friends and/or family, who violate the pandemic ideology... Scold and/or chastise violators, argue with violators, judge violators, unfriend/unfollow violators on all social media platforms, unfriend violators literally, and tell them that they are the sole (or at least the biggest) reason for the pandemic spreading (even though it is a contagion, and that’s what contagions do, regardless). And most importantly —  tell them that they are murderers. Which bring




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