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Death of a Bartender; The Reality of COVID's Effect on an Industry

By Crista Jakacky
BANGOR, ME — Thursday May 14th 2020

As I prepare for going back to work, I wonder how it will all play out... Will I have as many customers? Will customers even show up? Will I get as many hours? Will the business I work for be able to abide by the state's 5 page checklist for reopening? How drastically will my typical income be decreased by all of this? And, will I be able to live on that income
I also wonder, am I the only one wondering?
I see so many of my fellow restaurant and bar workers getting excited, pumped up, even, to go back to work. And don't get me wrong, I am excited, too. And before you jump to conclusions- NO, I do not enjoy sitting around collecting unemployment. NO, I don't want to not go back to work just because I am netting almost as much as I was before I was laid off. I am going crazy at home, sometimes quite literally. I WANT to go back to work. I miss my customers. I miss my co-workers. Hell, I might even miss my boss. 
But I …

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