Ode to my Almost-Not-Really Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

I’m not seeing anyone seriously this Valentine’s Day, but if I were, this is what I might say to him...

A Valentines gift I did not expect
 to return the favor I could not neglect

This Valentines I thought I’d have no need to share
and if anyone asked I’d say I don’t care.

But then you came along and messed up my senses
even though you might cost me emotional expenses

Maybe charming and funny and a little bit cute
makes it hard to think clearly though I’m usually astute

Maybe our pieces of puzzles will fit
but if anyone asks me I would not admit

We know not where this goes but figured we’d try
if I said I hope nowhere it might be a lie

For now please accept my Valentines IOU
till your gift arrives this corny poem will do

The End