Dating is Weird

So, that's a decent selfie. Maybe it should be my new profile pic on the dating websites I belong to. You know, the websites where I hide my profile and it's not even visible, anyway. Aye yi yi.

I’ve been perusing these dating sites lately. Two, specifically. There are subtle (and not so subtle) differences in the two sites. But I’ve found that the candidates reflect the platform.

I've also learned via these sites, that I have a weirdness magnet. If they're weird, they'll find me. Or I'll find them- Ooooh he seems smart and artistic! Oh, wait. Nope, just weird. Yikes.
As it turns out, I am also a habitual dater of pharmaceutical salesmen, to my detriment. What is it about those guys that make them so charming, but such jerks?

I’ve always tried to convince myself that I don’t have a “type.” That although I may not know what I’m looking for, I do know what I don’t want. Right? I don’t have a type.

After being a member on both of these dating sites for the past couple of months, deleting dozens of messages (without even opening them), opening only three, and responding only to one (which I eventually regretted 8 or so messages into it), I realized I was lying to myself; I do have a type.

I’ve never been a fan of simple men. I’ve dated plenty, even married one. But they’ve never held my attention for long, if they even received it in the first place. Unfortunately the ones that followed were the exact opposite.
Too simple, too complicated. Why can't I find a happy medium???

I've realized that I am definitely attracted to a particular set of characteristics...
intelligent, creative, professional, emotional, intellectual, artistic, masculine, charismatic...
Did I say intelligent? 😁

I just want a guy who can meet a few of these needs... He must be brainy. Innovative. Creative. Intellectual. Artistic. But he needs to be able to fix stuff. A guy who writes (crossword puzzles don't count). And reads (Maxim doesn't count). A guy with a high level of communication aptitude. A guy who looks smokin' hot in a suit (and actually owns a few), but is happy lounging in pjs on lazy days off, or getting dirty working on household chores (or, as above, fixing stuff). One who is is tender, who wears his heart on his sleeve, who is far more than just emotionally available, but who is half tough-guy as well. A guy who is independent, but can't live without me (or at very least, doesn't want to). A guy who is active, motivated, because gawd knows, I could sometimes use the push. But not a gym rat or health nut, as I am definitely no pinnacle of health (what is it they say... if you see me running, it's only because I'm being chased by zombies). He also needs to be able to relax. We don't need to be doing something, every second, of every day. Jeezus, we're gonna be dead soon, slow down and enjoy. He should be funny, but not a full-time comic, as I appreciate seriousness and stoicism. He must be patient, veeeeery patient, as I am definitely not. He should be in acceptable/good physical condition, attractive, sexy. But humble and modest. Preferably several inches taller than me.
Did I say intelligent? 😁

It's not much to ask, right?

Hey, maybe I'll use this as fodder for my profile description, on the dating websites I belong to, where I hide my profile, and don't actually date. Aye yi yi.

Dating is weird.

It's been a long time. Sigh.