You Need to Calm Down Lyric Video

“Please Restrain Your Inner Childhood Bully”

I got started on this post at around 7am. The topic led my mind to a (relevant) song with a lyric video that I wanted to attach to this post. Which led me to making my own lyric video in PowerPoint, because I didn’t like the ones on YouTube. Which took all. Damn. Day.

But it’s done. Here it is. Read on...

Please Restrain Your Inner Childhood Bully...

I hated Sociology class. But it left me with one thing (unfortunately)... a hyper-awareness to others' hypocrisy and prejudice... And when I make my coffee and sign onto Facebook to peruse it like the morning newspaper, I'm bombarded with a news feed full of it.

So fah fahk sake, you guys...

Let people vent on Facebook (or wherever) if they want/need to. Do you know how ironically ridiculous you sound when you complain about them complaining? Have you ever considered that they might not feel like they have any friends who will listen? That they use it as their ONLY forum to feel better? That they might not be able to afford counseling, or anti-depressants, or any other treatment, and that it’s the only thing that keeps them from slitting their wrists or putting a 9mm in their mouth every day?
You feel good making fun of it now?

Let them wear whatever they want, without pointing and laughing. Out loud OR in your head! Pajamas to Walmart? Tight tanks tops and short shorts? Who f&%king cares?! You shouldn't; that's who.

Let them have their beliefs, or non-beliefs, it is THEIR life, after all. God? Sure, if that's your thing. Buddha? Sure, go for it. Pagan? Cool, dude. Atheist? Whatever you want, man.
See? It's that really that simple.

Let them have their political opinions; I'll point out, again, the irony of it, and how ridiculous you sound, when you complain about someone else being too sensitive.

Let them be fat, or skinny, or dirty, or whatever. How they appear or present themselves (purposefully or not) does not define them. And it certainly doesn't concern you.

Let them have their addictions, their guilty pleasures. Are they aligned with your hobbies, or behaviors, or how you live? Maybe not. Does it have anything to do with you? Once again- Nope.

Let them have their pumpkin spice, their blue hair, their video games, their tattoos and piercings, their karaoke, their goth makeup, or what EVER else it is that they might like/do, that, for whatever unearthly reason, doesn’t agree with your sensibilities.

Let them be gay, or bisexual, or transgender. Really, what effect does it personally have on you and your life? Right- NONE.

You know what? They love themselves.
Maybe you should try it sometime.

Now, if you want to try and suggest that this is a post complaining about complaining, then you one of two things...

A. Missed the point ENTIRELY
B. Are trying to deflect due to a guilty conscious

Seriously. Where the f&%k has our humanity gone.