You would have been 68 today.
You probably wouldn't be retired, because you were too much of a busy body to not work.
You'd probably have a new jacked up jeep, or fast classic car, or some other toy (or two or three) that you really didn't need.
Maybe you'd be playing music still (I know I'd try like hell to recruit you if you were). But probably not, because you said you were too old and tired for the late nights, and that you were sick of band politics.
Maybe mom would have conned you into singing/playing with the church by now, but I doubt it. Her and Nana would be driving you crazy at home, so you'd probably finish and fix up the garage so you could escape there.
Maybe you would have even joined Facebook by now. What a hoot that would be. I can only imagine the things you would share...
Much like me, you would have had a dozen new hobbies by now. Got tired of them, and developed a dozen more.
You'd be so proud of Logan and how well she is doing for herself. You would have seen her graduate from college. You'd like Andrew; he is so good to her.
And you'd love hanging with Dawson working on your cars together. You'd be helping Ben teach him all about all kinds of stuff. In fact, I'd probably never see you, you always did love hanging out over there.
You'd still carve the turkey on Thanksgiving, because none of us were ever any good at that.
You'd still be fixing broken stuff here for me at my house.
You'd advise me not to get that new car, or that new dog, or that new job, even though you'd be guilty of doing the same things.
I'd see you at family dinner every Sunday.
But none of those things will ever be. You've been gone just over 5 1/2 years. It's hard to believe it's been that long, because even as I write this, it hurts just as much as it did then.
As much as I hate to, I'll have a Coors light for you later (as I do every year on your birthday and father's day).
I miss you so goddamn much.
Happy birthday, Dad.