It's a new week, so I can blog again, right?

I've taken to writing more often lately, and I'm not sure why. Could be that I need the outlet, could be out of boredom, could be a little of both.

This morning I don't need an outlet, for once. And I'm not terribly bored. So what compels me to write? Well, it could be something.. good. Gasp. Maybe even, multiple good things. Gasp.

It really is the simple things...

Yesterday was just one of those days, filled with simple pleasantries.
And, I figured, for once, I'd share them, instead of my usual woes.

Firstly, this terrible wind storm which knocked out power to most of the state and has caused a tremendous amount of damage, has been devastating. I lost power very early in the morning on Monday. Fortunately, my power came back on in the middle of the night that same night. There are people still without power today, and who could be without power for potentially two to three more days. I was very fortunate. I offer up my home to anyone who needs a hot shower, to recharge cell phones or tablets, fill water jugs, get a hot meal (ok, maybe a microwaved meal, lol), a hot cup of coffee, a netflix fix, or whatever.

And so, yesterday...

Yesterday began with some great news. News which I'm not at liberty to share quite yet. I will, but just not yet. But it was great news. And it really set the tone for my day. It was more than great, it was awesome. It may only be temporary, but it is still awesome. And it will be awesome for lots of people. My day truly couldn't have started any better. If I could have reached through the phone and kissed the deliverer of said news, I really would have.

Later in the day, I had an oil delivery coming. Let me back up... I've had no heat for the last week or so. The fuel company and I were going through the process of elimination to determine why. One remote possibility was that I had a leak in my tank (which is under my trailer), and that the oil I had delivered this summer had slowly leaked out into the ground, and I was now out of oil. It seemed a remote possibility, because one would think I would have smelled a leak like that over the last few months. But still, it was a possibility, and not a very good one. And so, when the oil came, and he only delivered 18 gallons, I was quite relieved.

However, that did mean I had an entirely different problem. The issue was my furnace.
And so, I called the company's owner, who does the servicing. Fortunately, he was available same day, and came right out yesterday afternoon. Another bonus. The entire time he was here, I was hoping- oh please let it be fixable, oh please let it be fixable; I can't afford to replace my furnace, just please, let it be fixable...
After about a half hour, he packed up his things and said- "you had a plugged line and a bad wheel" (whatever that is). "So, I'll only charge you $95 for the service call and the wheel". I was ecstatic! As I was writing out the check, he asked if I could make it out to him. I said- "well, in that case, I can pay you in cash". He said- "cash works, make it 80 then".

So, the whole heating issue was fixed, for far less than what I was prepared for (and worried about), and it made my day even better!

Then, I went into work for a task... I can't really write about that yet either, but I will, soon, I promise! Let's just say, I had to complete an altruistic act, that me and a friend had put together, with the help of lots of other friends. And it went over SPLENDIDLY! When you're afraid the recipients are going to be angry or unwilling to accept, but they end up being speechless and moved to tears, you know you've done well! Oh it was so wonderful. I almost cried myself!
What a feeling I left with...
...And what happened, then? Well, in Whoville they say – that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day...

And then I walked into my home, and there was a meatloaf in the oven (I actually put that together earlier, lol),  and my boyfriend, in his work suit and tie, playing guitar at my table, smiling that unconditionally loving smile at me...

As if my day couldn't have gotten any better... :)

That's it. That's really all I had to write about today.
I still have woes, gripes, sadness.
I miss my boy.
I worry about my work and my financial stability.
I miss the lake.
But I'm going to save all that for some other blog. Today's blog is happy.
Because, well, just because. Because sometimes it's just what we need.

Be well.