Three things that constantly haunt me showed up in my dreams this morning. 

I was on a motorcycle with Dawson. And I was so very scared, I was trying to get somewhere but I was afraid to travel with him on the motorcycle. I was hoping someone would come and pick us up. I was nearly paralyzed with fear, with worry for him.
And then my ex-husband was there, next to me, also on his motorcycle. We were fighting. I was sobbing. He was leaving us, again. 
And then my father was there. I was yelling at him, pleading with him to tell my ex-husband not to leave. I cried- "Tell him! Tell him not to run away, tell him it doesn't solve anything! You know, because that's what you did!"

It made for a sour cup of morning coffee. 

And this morning the heat isn't working in the truck. There goes the Christmas savings fund.