These are a few quotes I've stolen from a page that I follow on Facebook. They are so simple, yet so powerful. Definitely worth sharing.

By your words and your actions, choose to be a Peacemaker in your marriage. Don't pick fights and don't demand your own way. Out of love for your spouse and family, be willing to take the high road and do everything in your power to bring peace and healing to every situation.
Focusing on your spouse's flaws will do nothing to improve your marriage. If you're going to focus on flaws, start with your own and work to correct them. The only part of your marriage you have the power to change is the part you see when you look in the mirror.
If you focus on your spouse's flaws, their positive qualities will seem much smaller. If you focus on their positive qualities, their flaws will seem much smaller. Choose to see the best in them and you'll be creating a better marriage.
Love and Selfishness can't coexist in the same relationship. They never get along, so you've got to pick which one gets to stay in your marriage. Choose love.
The marriage vow says, "Til death do us part," but too many couples live as though it was, "Til death, or disagreement, or our differences, or financial pressure, or your mistakes, or a better option, or lack of passion, or a change in my feelings do us part." Your commitment to your spouse must always be more important than your circumstances.