I had such a wonderful Christmas eve with the family, and a wonderful Christmas morning with the kids. I really couldn't have asked for more.

And now Dawson has gone to his Dad's, and Logan has gone to hers...

Even though I still realize all of those blessings listed in yesterdays blog, today is still difficult.
I am trying my best not to be sad. Although, my eyes have already leaked on a few occasions. And I'm sure it will continue off and on throughout the day.

I'll cook up some Ramen noodles, hook up my google chromecast, and spend the day with Netflix, the couch, and fuzzy pjs.

I won't be sad, I won't be sad, I won't be sad....
Perhaps if I say it enough, it will be true.

"Far away, long ago
Glowing dim as an ember
Things my heart used to know
Things it yearns to remember
And a song someone sings
Once upon a December"...