Every year's a souvenir, that slowly fades away...

In less than twelve hours, this horrible year will be gone.
I wish it could take it's memory with it.

I've said in years past, "this has been the worst year yet"... Evidently I didn't know about 2013.

The year I lost my beloved father.
The year I lost the one man whom I thought was my life partner. The year I spent fighting for a love that wasn't truly a love, after all.
The year that my son came to know the same disappointment in love that I did. His heart is broken as well; he loved his step-father and step-sister.
The year that I lost my home. Not only the one I'm in now, that I will have to move out of (thanks to above mentioned relationship disaster), but also the one I owned, that has finally been foreclosed upon. I regret that I allowed myself to be swayed into putting it on the market and moving here, because "we needed something bigger".
The year of being left destitute, with no income, living in poverty. Searching relentlessly for employment.
The year I helplessly watched my daughter go through the first real heartbreak of her life. And how, subsequently, my relationship with her fell apart as well.

A year of lost hope, devastation, despair, and heartache.
I'm so glad to see it go.

I can only hope that this year will bring new and wonderful things to my life, to my children's lives.
Lord knows we deserve it.