This is not PG rated.

Today can go suck a big bag of dicks.
Days like today had better come further and further apart, and far less frequently, or I may just lose my mind.
What did I accomplish today?
Well, I sat around feeling sorry for myself for most of the day. Missing my stupid husband. Wishing we were off on one of our Sunday drives, exploring the coast, poppin' tags, eating unhealthy, decadent Thai food. Etc, etc, etc.
Fuck you, brain.

And so I went to town.
I went to Ocean State Job Lots, where I had to cut my shopping experience short because all I could think of was how we used to shop there.
Piss off, Job Lots.
I went to the grocery store, where I held back the tears while picking out life water. And who knew buying bacon could be so painful. Cheesey eggs and bacon...
Fuck you, Hannaford.
I went to Dunkin, where I choked up at the drive-thru because I couldn't decide whether or not I wanted hazelnut coffee or a pumpkin latte.
Fuck you too, Dunkin Donuts.
I went to Tractor Supply. Seems safe, right? I do the shopping for the dogs, no memories there, right? Not so much. Him loading the million pound dog food bags...
So yeah, you guessed it. Fuck you too, Tractor Supply.

And so, I came back home.
And cried.
And here I sit.

Yeah, I'm doing fucking awesome.