September 18, 2011

I want to read profound things. 
WRITE profound things.
Make a difference; perceive a difference.
Affect a change.
Or a miracle.
I want to be enlightened. Be edifying.
I want to live slightly on the wild side, instead of vicariously through "Desperate Housewives".
I want to sing. Again. Loudly.
I want to be brilliant. 
Revel in anothers' sagacity.
I want to have intellectual intercourse.
I want the wind in my face, on a motorcycle, without the drastic risk of skin graphs.
I want to be swept away.
In a whirlwind of hopless-romantic-ridiculous-passionate abandon. 
Daily, please.
I want to really truly feel. Unabashedly. Without trepidation.
I need a little earthquake. Just a small one.

Wow, I should really get some sleep.  :)