October 24, 2011

Fair warning; this won’t make much sense. Or any sense, actually.

My word of the day is “something”.

Why do we use that word, “something”? Shouldn’t it be “allthing”?
I wonder, you see, because I gave up something to get something. 

But wait, shouldn’t one give up something for “allthing”?
Ah, that’s not the way it works. Not in this world. This universe. This life.
Somewhere, in some parallel universe, allthing exists.

The first something, we’ll call something number one, wasn’t necessarily exactly everything that it could have been. That something, was lacking something, but mostly just something. In most other ways, that something, was really something. Oh sure, it was also polluted with lots of little things that made it something else occasionally. But then again, something always has things like that. But that something, was still missing that something.

And so, that something got traded in for something else. Something we’ll call, something number two.

Something number two is really something, in oh so many ways. It really is something.
But, what if something number two is lacking something as well? Not the same thing that something number one lacks, but something else, something different, something that something number one may have had?

Oh, the somethings…

You know what’s funny about somethings? And not funny- haha, but funny-weird, uncomfortable, displeasing, ironic…
What’s funny about somethings, is that they are never allthings.
If they were, they wouldn’t be called somethings.

And yet, even though these are only somethings, they affect all things. Am I the only one looking that irony scathingly in the eye and shouting angrily- “How is it that allthing doesn’t exist, but  just one something, or a few little somethings can affect all things!?!?” Gah!

But I digress…

Something number one and something number two...
Fact is, they’re both something. Neither one is an allthing.
Which is what I would call them, if they were, even if it weren’t a word.
Which is what they should be.
But they are not.
They’re just something one and something two. Made up of lots of little things, lacking some other things, not quite equating to an allthing, yet effecting all things.

Oh, the irony.

I should go to sleep. Or work on homework. Or watch Two and a Half Men.
Or something.