Friday, August 26, 2011

Wow, what a busy few weeks it has been.

Three mini-vacations pretty much back to back this summer.
And I barely survived them.
It feels so good to be home, with no plans to travel again anytime soon. I can relax, hang out with my dogs… But then I realize, I only have three more days before I start school. I definitely should have allowed myself more time to “relax” between the vacations and school starting.
Oh well.
I can’t really complain too much. We had a nice time on both trips to NH and on our camping trip. The kids enjoyed them, even the teenager. And I enjoyed them, for the most part.

Speaking of school…
Ugh! I have 5 classes this semester, and next semester as well, and probably every stinkin’ semester for the next three years! Crap. I don’t know if I’m ready for that course load. Guess I’ll be nose deep in homework for a few years. Oh well, all for the greater good I suppose.
Actually, the classes are short, I only have two classes a day with a good hour or so in between, I’m out ever day by 2:20, campus is only a few miles down the road, and I have a three day weekend every weekend (there are no classes on Fridays).
So truly, I worry for nothing. It should be easily manageable.
And someday I’ll be out in the schools teaching those little brats all they need to know about literature and the English language. I think profanity and sarcasm will be a large part of my curriculum.
The only complicated part of it all is that I keep questioning whether or not I am in the right major...
What if I should have stuck with veterinary technology?
I love animals, and yet I love words and books…
I just don’t know.

Speaking of animals…
Just today I found out that Herc’s sister, Ella (a direct sibling, Liberty’s daughter, from my litter in 2009), is pregnant and due anytime. I knew they had bred her to Bridger (a pup also out of Anselmo), but I hadn’t heard much since then.
(So yes, Ella and Bridger have the same father, different mothers. This is called “line breeding”. It is an acceptable form of breeding in order to more adequately continue a particular blood line).
For those of you who were with me (even just virtually) when I lost Liberty, you already know how much this litter means to me.
Maybe a merle female, just like Liberty Bell…


I’m off to hang with my Logie Loge. And my Mustang.