Sunday, August 8, 2010

I haven’t written in a while. Mostly due to lack of time. Secondly because there are so few sunshiney things to write about.  I keep quiet so that no one complains about “all the negativity on face book“ (I‘m glad to see that some people have such fantastic lives that you can‘t bear reading someone’s complaintive posts).
I need to vent. And I don’t feel like talking. So instead I’ll write. If you don’t like negativity (with the potential for some relative entertaining sarcasm), then hit your browser’s back button. If you revel in others misery, or simply like comparing your own to someone else’s, then grab a cup of joe and enjoy the read.

I’ve dated (infrequently) over the last several months with little to no success.  I’ve spent nearly the last year complaining about being single and lonely. And then I meet someone of decency and moral fortitude, only to realize that I may not be ready for it after all. I know, ironic. And so ultimately, feelings are hurt. As it turns out, I am (as Craig always said), a jerk.

Speaking of the devil, I’m glad to hear how delightful his new girlfriend is. Too bad she’s married. Maybe that’s only a minor technicality these days. What do I know.
I’m also tired of claims of neutrality. Being Switzerland is simply a blatant disregard for being on the right side.
My love and gratitude goes out to those who have not sat on the fence.

I spoke with my real estate agent today. I will get a fair market analysis on the house this week. And then I will make the decision I have been putting off for almost a year.
I have spent the last several months trying to prove to myself that I could afford this 170 thousand dollar house on my own. And all I’ve seemed to accomplish is proving that I can’t.
There is this “Make My Home Affordable” government program. What the government doesn’t tell you however, is that the mortgage companies make it nearly impossible to negotiate. I will continue to try, as the last ditch effort. In the meantime, I will try to catch up with my past due mortgage payments…

On the upside (yes folks, there is one, maybe even two..), the dog seems to be showing some progress in his health. I hate to get my hopes up (because the general rule around here is that when one thing goes right, many other things go horribly wrong… prime example- I meet a nice guy, then have to spend $600 on new tires..) But anyway… the dog seems to be doing well. It has been a bright spot. I’ll hope that Karma doesn’t take it out on us once again.

Logan has been having some serious issues with her (wicked) Stepmother. She doesn’t want to talk to her Dad about it. She fears it will hurt him, or force him into a hard spot. She’s afraid he will “side with the step-mother over her“. She is afraid of potential repercussions. She wants to spend less time there, but she wants to see her Dad. She is torn. It is all too much for a 15 year old to worry about. It breaks my heart. We had a good sob together when she came back last week.
There seems to be no good solution…
But… I am really good with a baseball bat…

Oh, if you haven’t seen “Clash of the Titans” yet, then do so. It’s a great flick.

Laundry beckons me.