Saturday, March 26, 2011

Random thoughts...

I've gone through ONE room in the house. The SMALLEST room in the house (the laundry room). And already I could stock an entire thrift store with the shit that came out of there.

Twin mattresses don't seem all that heavy, right? They're quite light, in fact. Until someone of my stature carries one over-the-head, up stairs, and puts it into a loft bed. Damn.

Dunkin donuts coffee brewed at home is no where near as good as brewed at Dunkin. (Either way, I've probably had too much)

I miss my kids when they're gone. But I like my "me time". 

While shopping at Marden's today with Kayli, she grabs a pair of thong underwear off the rack and says- "Butt floss!" Easily the highlight of my day. 

Life is a lot like "Good cop, bad cop". I would really like to, just once, be the "good cop".

I really enjoyed the last couple family gatherings. I miss our tightly knit core.

I have to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I say this a lot, but now I REALLY do. In order to participate in the Competitive Skills Scholarship program, I have to pick something. Crap.
I always spell "competitive" wrong.

I miss singing. A lot. 
(Don't go saying- "oh get back into it, Crista!"... You all already know that any good musicians are already working. So save it.)

Four days ago, I fixed all the holes in the walls, washed them, took off all the switchplates and outlet covers, and moved all the furniture from that side of the house, in preparation for painting. Four days ago. It's still not painted. What does that mean?

 I'm about ready to trade in this housework shit and an over-active brain for some loud music and a tall ice-cold kahlua.