Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lately life seems a bit like a roller coaster.
Scratch that. It seems A LOT like a roller coaster.

I have two wonderful and healthy children. Great parents, a best friend in my sister, a loving Nana who is still with us, and an amazing fiancĂ©, with a daughter who loves me.
And for all of that, I am grateful.

However, I can't help but be totally pissed off at life for cursing my young dog (and best buddy) with a (very short) life of pain and discomfort.

Some of you read the updates, some of you sympathize, probably some of you think- it's just a dog, what the hell.
Thing is, he's not just a dog.
First; take your normal, average pet lover. Someone who may be single, having nothing but their pet(s) to keep them company. Someone who thinks of their pets as their children. Who loves them as a cherished members of their family, and an integral part of their lives.
And then times that by a million.
That's how much I love my dog.
I keep saying this, but it is so true... that he is quite literally my baby.
I lost his mother (my other best friend) during birth, and raised him by my own hand. Up all hours of the nights feeding him, cleaning him, keeping him warm, making sure that little bugger had a fair shot at life.
Other breeders were amazed that I was able to successfully raise the entire litter. Normally, when a mother dies, you typically lose at least a few in a litter within the first few weeks. It's just how it is.
But not us. Not our babies.

And so anyway...
I'm pissed off.
My baby and best friend is a neurological and orthopedic TRAIN WRECK. And there's not a friggin thing I can do about it, but accept it.
And that just sucks.

And so, I'll go broke and in debt up to my eyeballs. I'll re-mortgage the house. I'll eat ramen noodles every day for dinner.
All so Herc can get some acupuncture. Maybe some chiropractic care. Laser therapy. Go back on Prednisone, and eventually Tramadol for pain.
All to give us a bit more time together.

But I'm really pissed off.

Have a nice day everyone.