November 3, 2010

Just another random lengthy status update in note form…

Nothing new really. At least not that all of you don’t already know about. Mostly, I’m just bored. So on with it.

Mohegan Sun, Foxwoods, and Mystick Village… Connecticut was awesome. I think I conveyed that already though, via pictures and sappy status updates.

Kayli and Dawson have become fast friends. That’s very cool.

Logan is driving. She’s driving. Ugh. Now she can drive me crazy both figuratively and literally. Lovely.

The corporate job continues to be a challenge. Not in the “I’m learning new things, keeping busy, and advancing my career” kind of way either. Unfortunately, I’m working less hours now too. Which has been a blessing and a curse all in one. Kind of like leaving Jester’s.
Fortunately I’ll be filling in at Raena’s once in a while. Starting with this Friday and Saturday night actually. That should be fun. A little bit like the old days at Tozier’s, I would guess. Drink slinging like crazy, busting up fights, dealing with creepers. Ah, the good old days.

I will be making yet another vehicle purchase in the near future. Very near. Like within the next several days. The Bee has been fun, but it’s a lemon. And it’s conveniently yellow. Huh.
I swear, if it weren’t for bad luck….

Herc is off all medications and doing very well. Minus his orthopedic issues. Which may go unresolved due to aforementioned financials. Seriously though… We’ll continue to treat him with MSM, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin supplements, keep him active (but not enough to cause further injury), and hope for the best. His littermate Ezzy was recently diagnosed with Wobblers. This litter has suffered my kind of luck.

Speaking (again) of my kind of luck… I feel like I’m waiting for a tsunami or something…
Becky B. would warn me of self-fulfilling prophecies. Cindra would say “Don’t start doing the Crista thing”. Mom would say “You’re always waiting for the train to come. Just get off the track”.  I just think it’s life. That’s all. Life hands you good things, and then it takes away. Often times in multiples, and with unjust severity.

I am always busy. I work part time, so how is that possible? This weekend I’ll be even more busy. Is that possible too? I need a maid, a driver, a cook, a handyman, an accountant, a nanny. Volunteers?

I miss music. A lot. I live vicariously through all you local face book musicians. My illustrious singing career reduced to an occasional cameo. Sigh.

I apologize for sounding self-absorbed.
It’s oddly quiet here. Except for the coyotes. I need a gun. Well, then again, maybe not.
I think too much. Quite at random (obviously).
Probably time to call it a night.

Be well.