Friday, December 17, 2010

Good morning everyone! And yes, it is a GOOD morning! Wait, it's a GREAT morning! And I haven't even finished my first cup of coffee yet! I know, you're all thinking the same thing- "who IS this person, how did she replace the cynical, jaded, bad-ass Crista we all once knew and loved, and when do we get her back?" 
Well, I hate to disappoint, but it seems that once pessimistic Gal is long gone. I know, I know.. you're also all wondering who will keep the masses entertained with the quirky, pessimistic, witty, sarcastic status updates and notes... Well, I officially pass the torch to Becky B. on that one.

So anyway...
I wanted to tell the quick story of how this engagement came to fruition.

About a month ago, Troy and I went to Quality Jeweler to have some work done on his Mom's ring that he had given to me shortly after her passing. While we were there, we (of course) browsed the engagement ring section, and I absolutely fell in love with one setting in particular. We joked about how that was "good to know, for future reference, of course".  :)

Last Friday, we started discussing the idea of a "promise ring" (Someone we knew had recently received one, and so it brought the subject to the table). The following day, I mentioned it again. And Troy simply said- "I've been thinking about that. You need a promise ring. And so we're going to get one". And alas, we went to Kay, and he picked one out for me.
Of course at this point, he had already ordered my actual engagement ring!
Last night we laughed and laughed about this. He kept saying- "What was I supposed to do, say that you couldn't have a promise ring because the real thing was on it's way??" At least he knew that I had no idea a proposal was coming! We now call it the "500 dollar diversionary tactic". Too funny!
(Against Troy's wishes, I have insisted that we return the promise ring, by the way!)

So yesterday he texts me and says- "I just got a call that your Christmas present is in, going to pick it up now!" My response of course was- "ooooh, what is it???" He replies- "It's a.... PONY!"
We continued to joke about the new pony off and on all day, and yet I still had never imagined that it might be an engagement ring.

(I should also mention here that during the day yesterday, Troy drove to my Dad's work. Dad thought he was stopping in for some more tweaking to his truck. He was quite surprised when Troy asked if he could marry his daughter. No one has ever done that with my Dad. I think he was probably as shocked as I was. This meant a lot to my Dad, and also to me, once I heard of it.)

I went to dinner with the girls from work last night, and then met Troy at the house afterwards. We said our hellos, discussed our hectic day, and everything seemed normal. He then said ' "Come into the bedroom for a minute..."  No, it's not what you were thinking... You see, in the past Troy has brought me gifts, and typically he hides them in the bedroom, it's quite cute actually. At this point, I was suspicious, due to his history of gift-giving. I figured whatever he bought for me for Christmas, he just couldn't wait to give to me. And yet, I still had NO IDEA that it might be a ring.
And then he got on one knee.
(And for those of you who know Troy, you understand how difficult that is for him!)  :)
He pulled out a box from behind his back, and proposed. I was so taken aback, that I was actually silent for several seconds. I finally stammered- "Are you SERIOUS?!?" And he started laughing. After a few more seconds he said "WELL????" I finally replied- "OF COURSE!" 
We laughed, and cried, and laughed and cried some more...
It was the perfect proposal. I have told him in the past that if ever he were to propose, I could do without all the pomp and circumstance. I didn't want a public scene, or banners flying in the clouds, or a ring in a champagne glass, or on the shrimp cocktail, or any of those other silly notions. (Perhaps the cynical side of me still exists, just a wee bit).  :) Seriously though, I knew exactly what I would have wanted in a proposal, and he has given it to me.

And to answer the onslaught of questions- We have not discussed a wedding yet. We have no date in mind. That will come later. :)

This is my Christmas miracle. I wish I could take credit for that statement, but I can't. Because Troy calls me his Christmas miracle.
The truth is, we saved each other.
I never knew the true meaning of being blessed, until now. 

Ok, enough of this mushy crap.
Have a good day. Bah Humbug.  :)