February 24, 2010

I was just getting ready for work, and my brain was going a mile a second. And so, I thought it would be useful to get some of it out before heading off to work for the day…

The new job is.. Well, it’s a job. I enjoy it about half of the time, and am (gasp, you guessed it) bored the other half. Working for Corporate America has it’s perks though. I’m now a “real grown up”, with health insurance, life insurance, 401k, and an IRA. Yippee. On the upside, I have been praised by my two superiors quite consistently since I started, for being “way ahead of where they’d expect” right now, and “how excited they are“. Huh. The branch manager has already mentioned cross-training me for some other stuff.. Not sure what that means (other than potentially more money).. But it sure sounds good.
The bartending gig still happens every Friday and Saturday night, and is a nice respite from the conventional weekday work. But damn, I am tired.

Speaking of conventional… I use to use the phrase non-conventional when describing myself. In fact, I found it was liberating and defining. And yet, now I’m a stiff just like everybody else.
I recently posted something in a status update about how “not fun” I am. Many friends disagreed, based on what they’ve seen of me in years past, mainly at the bars with all my girls, dancing and singing and making merry.  And yet I don’t even have the time (and most times the inclination) for that anymore.
I am living the dream now folks… big mortgage, couple of kids, couple of jobs…( = No life).

I’m still single. Shocker, I know.
Partially by choice, yet mostly due to circumstance.
People keep saying to me- “stop looking, and it will find you”. Um, HELLO- I have NO TIME to look. So unless “love” (cough, choke… that’s a four letter word) rams itself into me at warp speed, I’m going to be single for quite some time.
(Since we’re all adults here) Unless of course you count the occasional (and thoroughly enjoyable, yet potentially emotionally hazardous) liaison.

Tomorrow is Thursday. I’m not sure if Cindra and I will have date night or not. But I look forward to it, none the less. No bartending, no kids… Just me, and whatever I choose to do. Which, once again, never really amounts to anything exciting.
Maybe someday I’ll have a real date to fill my Thursday… But I’m not looking. J

Have a nice day all.